Over the years many first-class musicians have recorded on their Panhuyzen guitars. Some of these are:
Jury Clormann, Carlo Domeniconi, Duo Flâmas, Zoran Dukic, Günther Görtz, Giovanni Grano, Helmut Jasbar, Hubert Käppel, Dale Kavanagh, Matt Palmer, Krzystof Pelech, Sonja Prunnbauer, Nathasja van Rosse, Raphaëlla Smits, Harald Stampa, Elisabeth Trechslin, Trio de Cologne, Laura Young,

What they say:

Laura Young

"I have played Kolya Panhuyzen's beautiful cedar guitar for over 25 years now. It is the finest instrument I have ever played and has offered me the most magnificent range of color, character and projection. From the very first days in my hands, I was greatly inspired by the warmth and depth of the guitar's sound...in many ways it was his instrument that showed me the full poetic beauty and richness possible on the classical guitar. Because it is so well balanced in terms of timbre and also so varied in its range - with dark deep basses and singing legato trebles, it is the ideal guitar for recordings and for concerts. Kolya's guitar has celebrated every aspect of my musical needs and inspiration throughout my career and performing on his guitar is one of my greatest pleasures in life. "

Raphaëlla Smits

"My Kolya Panhuyzen guitar is a jewel. What you see you hear: a very refined instrument, a personal touch in the choice of wood (sitka spruce and maple), well thought-out construction, beautiful color, the projection is remarkable and she sings. I love her. Easy to play and easy to listen to. An interesting sound concept, delicate, transparent, noble, and carrying."

Matt Palmer

"Kolya’s guitar has been my primary instrument for eight years now. I have played all of my professional concerts with this guitar. It just has a lovely, bright and round tone, great sustain and projection that works so well in concert halls. After playing it for so long, I know just how to get every sound that I want out of it. I sometimes feel that my instrument is not simply the guitar but the guitar and the concert hall together."
(Interview – Classical Guitar, May 2014)

What they play: